Meet Armando Patino, owner of Patino Landscape Group based in Levittown, PA.


Armando grew up on farm, where he spent his childhood helping his father with the daily chores. Throughout those years, Armando developed a love for nature and the outdoors. It was always in his heart to someday run his own company. After working in Landscaping all his life, in 2010 he decided to take a leap of faith and start his own company.


Armando recruited professional, experienced landscapers, most of whom he had grown up with. It truly was a leap of faith for Armando, his family and his crew, because it was in the middle of the recession that the company first started out. Times were bad for many businesses, and Armando needed to support his wife, a fulltime mom, and their 4 young children. And he didn’t want to let his crew members down. It was a challenging, but successful first year! Thanks to excellent attention to detail, top-notch customer service, and high quality work, Armando turned Patino Landscape Group into a thriving business.


He is a hands-on business owner and makes a point of being available to his customers. At the heart of Patino Landscape Group are Armando’s core values which exemplify Quality and Customer Service at a Reasonable Price. His employees believe in the service they provide, they take pride in the reputation of their company, and always go the extra mile to make sure customers are pleased with their work.


Armando’s mission is simple; TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. As he says, he is not just in the business of landscaping and hardscaping. Patino Landscape Group doesn’t just cut grass. They don’t just do construction. “Every year at the start of the new season, I ask my guys what business they are in. I do this to remind them that we are in the business of making people happy. I want my customers to enjoy the work we do. I want to exceed their expectations.” – Armando Patino




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